The Team America: World Police Sing-A-Long & Curse-A-Thon

Friday, July 4 at 6:00pm

General Admission: $8 • Loft Members: $6


No one under 17 admitted without an adult guardian.

Join your fellow Americans as we once again put the “F” back in freedom by singing and cursing along to the world’s greatest, funniest and filthiest foul-mouthed American marionette musical of all time - Team America: World Police ... The Unrated Edition, from those evil geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Yes, before they became the toast of Broadway with The Book of Mormon, they gave the world dirty puppet sex, and America will never be the same!

PLUS! Enjoy a pre-show South Park Sing-A-Long, featuring some of your favorite f***ing musical numbers from the South Park gang!


Join your fellow fun-loving Americans as we put the “F” back in freedom by watching the cinematic exploits of America’s favorite anti-terrorist puppet commandos, Team America, and singing along to such classic tunes as “Freedom Isn’t Free,” “America, F**k Yeah,” “I’m So Ronery,” “Everyone Has AIDS,” and all the wonderfully nasty and heartwarming songs from the twisted minds of Parker and Stone. There’s no need to memorize all the songs before the show - the words will all be right there on the big screen. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities for audience participation, so start practicing your puppet dance moves now! Be a true patriot and sing along with sex-hungry, trigger happy, proudly American puppets at the Team America: World Police Sing-A-Long And Curse-A-Thon!

In honor of our First Amendment freedoms, we’ll be screening the unrated, uncensored and totally unabashed Director’s Cut of Team America (featuring more “intense” puppet sex, violence and allaround
bad behavior than the wimpy R rated version), which is definitely not suitable for children. (Dir. by Trey Parker, 2004, USA, 98 mins., Not Rated)



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