Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula

Monday, January 20 at 8:00pm

General Admission: $3 • Loft Members: $2


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“This hilarious 1979 obscurity, about Dracula’s babe granddaughter turned loose in the discos of New York City, is irresistible catnip to a bad movie buffs.” – Fright Film Reviews


“She gives good fang!”

“Disco Sucks” takes on a whole new meaning in this unbelievable late-‘70s oddity following the misadventures of a sexy lady vampire (Count Dracula’s granddaughter!) whose turn-ons include blood slurping, boogie fever and really bad acting. Nocturna can shake it till the sun comes up, but just don’t cross her if you want to keep “Staying Alive!” Voluptuous Armenian belly dancer turned actress Nai Bonet (Soul Hustler) wrote, produced and starred in this bizarre disco/horror/comedy/exploitation flick that attempts to drag the Dracula legend kicking and screaming into the modern day nightclub scene of 1970s New York City. A jaw-dropping vanity project intended to kick start Ms. Bonet’s career as a ‘70s sexpot (picture an Armenian Bo Derek) into high gear, this hilariously inept schlockterpiece instead sunk the lovely but spectacularly awkward “actress” into total obscurity. Lovely, cleavage-conscious Nocturna is the last descendant of the infamous Count Dracula (played by horror legend John Carradine). After meeting and partying with a hot touring rock band performing at the creepy Transylvanian hotel she works at, Nocturna gets the itch to twitch and impulsively follows her new love interest – hunky rock guitarist/dancer Jimmy -- from Transylvania to Manhattan in spite of the wrath of her cranky grandfather, who decides to follow her and bring her back home before she brings shame to the Dracula name. But Noctura has discovered the disco revolution and become the hit of New York’s funky downtown dance scene, and soon her new gyrating human pals, not to mention a sassy vampiress named Jugulia (former Munsters star Yvonne de Carlo) with a protective bent toward Nocturna, are thwarting the elderly fang master’s thirst for revenge, leading to much inept comedy, dancing, nudity and horror (as well as some terrible animation sequences). Also featuring Sy Richardson (Repo Man) as a flamboyant vampire pimp stalking Times Square, Nocturna is a one-of-a-kind disco-horror-trash epic that could only have escaped from the 1970s. (Dir. by Harry Hurwitz, 1979, USA, 85 mins., Rated R) Digital



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