Wuthering Heights

Sunday, November 18th at 4:00 p.m.

How often have your said to yourself “I liked the movie so much more than the book” or “The movie just wasn’t as good as the book?” Well, now you can discuss it at The Loft’s Reel Reads Film and Book Club! You’ve read the book - You’ve seen the movie - Now, get ready to talk it out and put it all together!

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Our ongoing Reel Reads program highlights the connections between great films and great literature. Each month, in partnership with Antigone Books on 4th Avenue, we highlight a book associated with a film being screened here at The Loft. Each month’s Reel Reads selection is available for sale at both Antigone Books and The Loft Cinema, with a 10% discount during that month. Loft members receive a 20% discount with a valid membership card.

Starting this Sunday, November 18th, The Loft launches Reel Reads Film and Book Club - a moderated discussion following the 4:00pm screening of Wuthering Heights. Come take part in an hour-long, post-film discussion at The Loft Cinema - it’s free to those attending the screening. We’ll talk about this newest film adaptation of Wuthering Heights from director Andrea Arnoold and the classic 1939 version starring Lawrence Olivier and Merle Oberon.

(Wuthering Heights opens for a regular engagement starting on Friday, November 16th).

Reel Reads Film and Book Club discussions will be announced throughout the year, and all are welcome. So keep reading, keep watching and get ready to discuss the fascinating process of book to film adaptation … you might even find that not ALL books are better than the movie!



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