Wagner & Me

Wednesday, January 23 at 7:30pm

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“FOUR STARS! With an enthusiasm as genuine as it is infectious, actor Stephen Fry investigates his fondness for the imperial 19th-century opera of Richard Wagner.” – Nick Schager, Time Out Chicago

"Fry’s engaging personality and thoughtful commentary, as well as the generous doses of Wagner’s music on the soundtrack, make it highly entertaining.” – Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

"An exuberant and deeply personal documentary about the allure and the legacy of the German composer's work. Fry is a charming and thoughtful guide.” - Stephanie Zacherek, NPR


English actor, writer and TV personality Stephen Fry (Wilde, Gosford Park) has a problem: Richard Wagner, his all-time favorite composer since childhood, was also Hitler’s favorite. With immense wit, charm, and intelligence, raconteur Fry explores his passion for history’s most controversial composer, leading his audience on a unique trip to Germany’s annual Bayreuth Festival and points beyond, where he struggles to reconcile his Jewish conscience with his overwhelming passion for the famously anti-Semitic composer’s soaring works. Propelled by Fry’s infectious enthusiasm and behind-the-scenes discoveries and revelations, Wagner & Me is a provocative yet highly entertaining introduction to the life and legacy of one of music’s most complicated geniuses, as well as a cinematic exploration of the fascinating question: Can you separate the man from the music? (Dir. by Patrick McGrady, 2012, 89 mins., Not Rated, First Run Features) Digital


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