The Wizard of Oz

Saturday, July 19 at 10:00am • Doors open at 9:15am

Free Admission and Free Popcorn!


Part of the Loft Kids Fest 2014, presented by Trail Dust Town

Super summer excitement returns to The Loft Cinema with our eighth annual Loft Kids Fest! Each morning, children and their parents can experience some of the best family-friendly films of all-time, along with a fabulous animated short before every feature! There’s also fun games, hands-on activities, live performances, great giveaways, tons-o-free-popcorn and crazy surprises. And best of all, it’s FREE! View the schedule.

Pre-show fun and games hosted by the gang from Mildred & Dildred Toy Store and the Children's Museum of Tucson! Come dressed in your best Wizard of Oz costume and join our munchkin parade! PLUS! Free small Eegees on the patio following the film, while supplies last!


Swept away by a tornado to the magical Land of Oz, Kansas farm girl Dorothy Gale embarks on a quest to find the wizard, joined along the way by a Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Cowardly Lion, and pursued by the vengeful Wicked Witch of the West and her evil flying monkeys! Will Dorothy ever return to Kansas and discover that there’s truly “no place like home?” One of the greatest family films of all-time, The Wizard of Oz is celebrating its 75th anniversary and its better than ever! (Dir. by Victor Fleming, 1939, USA, 102 mins., Rated PG) Digital



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