The Players (Les Infidèles)

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“A raunchy collection of adultery-themed shorts written by, starring and hatched from the mind of the Oscar-winning star of The Artist, Jean Dujardin … slick and occasionally hilarious.” - Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

“Often funny, outrageously vulgar in places and very, very French.” – David Hughes, Empire Magazine

“A jazzy collection of nine shorts and sketches, most of them starring Jean Dujardin and compadre Gilles Lellouche as would-be lotharios whose eager libidos invariably land them in hot water … there’s enjoyably smutty comedy to spare.” – Guy Lodge, Time Out London


Academy Award-winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) and Gilles Lellouche (Point Blank) lead a star-studded cast in a saucy French comedy exploring the triumphs and failures, the glories and pitiful disasters of male infidelity in all its desperate, absurd and wildly funny variety. In The Players, eight interconnected short films from eight different directors, all set around themes of love and lust, explore the subject of male infidelity, with a decidedly French twist. Serial cheaters Fred (Dujardin) and Greg (Lellouche) spend a night on the town doing what they do best, and with absolutely no regrets. The duo play various characters in assorted extracurricular situations, ranging from sexy trysts to the darker sides of carnal desires. From a post-sales conference hotel in the suburbs to a sex addiction clinic, from a posh Parisian nightclub to the glitzy fleshpots of Las Vegas, the protagonists launch themselves full throttle into the age old pursuit of amour. Hope beats eternal in the lusting male heart, but the road to illicit pleasure is never an easy one... (Dir. by Emmanuelle Bercot, etc., 2013, France, in French with subtitles, 109 mins., Not Rated, The Weinstein Company) Digital



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