The Land Before Time

Wednesday, July 24 at 10:00am
Doors open at 9:15am*

Free Admission! • Free Popcorn!


Presented by Trail Dust Town!

Pre-show fun and games hosted by the gang from Mildred and Dildred Toy Store!

PLUS! "Be a Paleontologist" as University of Arizona creature feature teacher and dinosaur discoverer Rich Thompson leads an investigation into fossil bones from the Tucson area.


See what life was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth in this fun animated adventure from director Don Bluth (An American Tail) and producer Steven Spielberg (years before he told a much scarier dinosaur tale in Jurassic Park). Orphaned baby dinosaur Littlefoot must make a perilous journey to the paradise of the Great Valley in order to survive a plague. Along the way he meets other dinos of different species, and together they face danger and excitement on their travels to a brand new world. (Dir. by Don Bluth, 1988, 70 mins., USA, Rated G) Digital



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