The Giant Gila Monster

Monday, July 21 at 8:00pm

General Admission: $3 • Loft Members: $2


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July is Animals Gone Wild month at Mondo Mondays, featuring an army of angry critters with an unending appetite for destruction!


The Giant Gila Monster has just about everything you could want in a bad movie. There’s bad acting, bad script, bad effects, even bad musical numbers! But it all comes together to make a very funny movie.” – Forgotten Films


“Only Hell could breed such an enormous beast. Only God could destroy it!”

When a gang of hormonal teenage delinquents run afoul of a giant rampaging lizard with a taste for terror (not to mention a taste for high-grade movie cheese), there’s no telling what sort of hijinks will ensue in this legendarily awful ‘50s monster-on-the-loose flick! Directed by Grade-Z auteur Ray Kellog (the man who also unleased The Killer Shrews the same year), The Giant Gila Monster details the happy-go-lucky exploits of a 70ft. poisonous lizard stalking the desert looking for necking teenagers and crusty old farmers to devour. Smashing miniature train sets, scaring bewildered cattle and waddling across the screen in excruciating slow motion, the giant gila monster delights in generally making a nuisance of itself, but our scaly villain may have met its match in nice guy Chase Winstead (played by ‘50s low-budget heartthrob Don Sullivan, star of Teenage Zombies and The Rebel Set), a local hot rod racer and amateur rock-n-roll singer, who will stop at nothing to help the local authorities bag the monster and restore peace to his small town. But the lizard’s got a major hankering for a meal made of teenagers, so it makes its way to town, ready to crash the local sock hop and teach all the hep cats and cool chicks that he’s one boss gila who really knows how to rock! One of the absolute worst (and most hilarious) of the big monster flicks of the ‘50s, The Giant Gila Monster is filled with truly comical special effects (which basically entail a regular-sized gila monster disinterestedly lumbering over toy cars and buildings with no sense of purpose), terrible musical numbers (including “The Gila Monster Crawl” and other swinging non-hits), a bizarrely maudlin subplot involving Chase’s crippled little sister and her odyssey to obtain new leg braces, and a ridiculous finale featuring a hot rod packed full of nitroglycerin, this is essential bad movie viewing for all connoisseurs of crap. (Dir. by Ray Kellog, 1959, USA, 74 mins., Not Rated) Digital



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