Old Goats

Starts Friday, January 17

"The often hilarious and always heartfelt story of three older men who refuse to go quietly into the night of retirement and old age." – Seattle Film Review

“A near-masterpiece of understated humor and empathy.” – Marc Mohan, Oregonian

"A different kind of film, enjoyable in its uniqueness ... investigating the challenges and the delights of retirement (and) growing older ... Old Goats is a nice little slice of life." – Bill Goodykoontz, The Arizona Republic


Old Goats is the hilarious and heartfelt story of a trio of spirited senior citizens on a quest to make the most of their sunset years, refusing “to go quietly in to that good night.” Friends Bob, Britt, and Dave are each confronting aging in his own unique fashion: straight-laced Dave rebels against his wife's plans for their new retirement, hoarder Britt struggles with online dating after decades alone on his houseboat, and lively ladies’ man Bob juggles a hyperactive social schedule and a fanciful memoir about his adventurous and so-called “notorious” past. Rife with equal doses of attitude and charm, this slice-of-life comedy (a hit at film festivals including Seattle, Palm Springs, Sun Valley, etc.) finds offbeat humor in the everyday foibles of life and love after retirement, and provides a refreshing perspective on "the golden years," proving it's never too late to start an adventure or follow your dreams. (Dir. by Taylor Guterson, 2013, 91 mins., Not Rated, Music Box Films) Digital



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