E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial / Science on Screen Jr.

Saturday, December 1st at 10:00 a.m.

Free Admission


Brand-new 30th anniversary digital restoration!

Science on Screen Jr. is a free series of films designed to support understanding of science through film. Students, parents and teachers are invited to free movies at The Loft Cinema October 13, November 3, and December 1 at 10 am. The AiS guide to teaching through film using the arts integration framework will be available free at the theater.

In partnership with AiS (Arts Integration Solutions) and Literacy Connects


ET The Extra-Terrestrial is a reminder of what movies are for … a movie like The Wizard of Oz, one that you can grow up with and grow old with, and it won't let you down.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi mega-hit is that rare film which managed to strike a powerful emotional chord in all audience of all ages, a simple tale of a lost alien and a fatherless boy that has become a cultural touchstone for generations of viewers. It also cemented Spielberg’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost commercial filmmakers with classical leanings, a director possessed of the uncanny knack for telling intimate stories on a grand scale. When lonely 10 year-old Elliot (Henry Thomas) discovers a frightened (but friendly) extraterrestrial hiding out in his family’s backyard shed, he and his siblings – older brother Michael (Robert McNaughton) and little sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore) – try to keep the little guy’s existence a secret from their single mother (Dee Wallace Stone), and then later, the nasty government agents who are looking to turn ET into a science experiment. And when it becomes clear that ET is looking for a way to “phone home” and return to his native planet, the kids must somehow reunite their new pal with his extraterrestrial kinfolk, even if it means they might never see him again. Charming, exciting and heart-wrenching (be warned: this is a movie that can easily transform even the most hardened cynic into a blubbering baby), ET The Extra-Terrestrial is a truly magical film that once seen, can never be forgotten.



(Steven Spielberg, 1982, USA, 115 min., Rated PG) HD Digital Presentation


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