Deadly Eyes

Monday, July 28 at 8:00pm

General Admission: $3 • Loft Members: $2


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July is Animals Gone Wild month at Mondo Mondays, featuring an army of angry critters with an unending appetite for destruction!


Deadly Eyes certainly is a piece of crap, bad enough to be a legitimately solid candidate for an alcohol-assisted Bad Movie Night party.” – Antagony & Ecstasy


“Tonight they will rise from the darkness beneath the city ... to feed!”

A bunch of oversized rats (well, actually a bunch of dogs dressed up as oversized rats) use their pointy teeth and their deadly eyes (!) to make life a living hell for the good folks of Toronto in this too-goofy-for-words Canadian vermin-orama from shoulda-known-better director Robert Clouse (Enter the Dragon)! Very loosely (and very badly) adapted from James Herbert’s British novel The Rats, Deadly Eyes is a ludicrous Canadian tale of big rats with nasty tempers and huge teeth, mutated by steroid-tainted grain, that decide to wage all-out war against snooty humans everywhere (or at least those living in Toronto). As is often the case in awful “animals gone wild” flicks, a goofy, lovelorn science teacher (here played by wooden ’70 TV soap star Sam Groom) tries in vain to alert the city to the dangers inherent in having giant, filthy, ravenous mutant vermin running wild in the streets, only to be blocked by red tape at every turn, at which point he is forced to take matters into his own hands (all while trying to work out his troubled love life in an insipid romantic subplot that should have been devoured by giant rodents). Can the creepy (yet highly fake-looking) critters be eradicated before they attack the swanky opening night party for a new subway train, a party held deep in the bowels of the city on the rats’ home turf? Hmmmmmmm, probably not, but it’s sure going to be fun watching the stupid mass panic that ensues! Affectionately referred to by bad horror buffs as "the one with dachshunds dressed as giant rats," Deadly Eyes is a totally terrible yet undeniably entertaining time- waster that really delivers the limb-gnawing, bone-chewing goods in a number of truly nasty set pieces, including scenes in which the giant rats chow down on a cute toddler, make a human casserole out of beloved guest star Scatman Crothers (here playing a cranky sanitation worker), and best of all, attack a packed movie theatre full of people watching the Bruce Lee flick Game of Death (also directed by Robert Clouse). Just to be safe, you’d better bring a big ol’ can of Raid to this one! (Dir. by Robert Clouse,1982, USA, 97 mins., Rated R) Digital



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