Cutthroat Island / Loft Staff Selects

Sunday, September 21 at 7:00pm

General Admission: $6 • Loft Members: $5


A monthly series showcasing film favorites chosen by our amazing Loft Cinema staff! This month’s Loft Staff Selects film was chosen by floor staffer Adam Bucholz!


“It's enjoyably mindless, popcorny pirate fun. There are some fantastic battle scenes, some great explosions, and a hearty helping of camp.” – Aaron Peck, Hi-Def Digest


In the cheeky big-budget action adventure Cutthroat Island, Geena Davis buckles her swash and shivers her timbers as the most fearless female pirate to ever lay waste to the high seas. Morgan Adams (Davis) is the daughter of a pirate who has followed in her father's footsteps. When he dies, he passes along his ship, a crew of bandits, and one third of a treasure map (which happens to be tattooed on his skull). Morgan is eager to search out the rest of the map and retrieve the riches, but the fragment she holds is in Latin. Morgan then buys a well-educated slave, William Shaw (Matthew Modine), who can read the ancient language and already has a taste for the criminal life. However, Morgan and William are not long into their search when they discover that someone else is following the same trail for the rest of the treasure map: the evil Dawg Brown (Frank Langella, in a deliciously campy performance), Morgan's uncle and as black-hearted a scurvy dog as ever boarded a ship. Soon, Morgan and Dawg are battling it out over the fragments of the map, leading to a deliriously explosive climax that threatens to blow everyone involved sky high! Directed with over-the-top excess by cinematic wrecking ball Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2), and featuring a still-unusual performance by Geena Davis as an all-out action heroine in the kind of role typically handed over to those of the male persuasion, Cutthroat Island is a rollicking adventure and a two-fisted, gender-flipping update of the classic Errol Flynn pirate films! (Dir. by Renny Harlin, 1995, USA, 119 mins., Rated PG-13) Digital



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