Crystal Fairy

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A mind-altering new comedy starring Michael Cera and Gabby Hoffmann, from acclaimed writer/director Sebastián Silva (The Maid)!


“A funny, insightful, drug-hazy, shaggy dog road movie.” – Jordan Hoffman,

“A loopy, flippant road comedy of discomfort.” – AA Dowd, Time Out Chicago

“A constantly unpredictable comedy … Cera looks like Gene Wilder playing Abbie Hoffman, and he gives his funniest adult performance.” – Russ Fischer, Slant Magazine


Jamie (Michael Cera) is a self-absorbed, insensitive American twenty-something traveling in Chile, who somehow manages to create chaos at every turn. He and his friends are planning on taking a road trip north to experience a legendary shamanistic hallucinogen called the San Pedro cactus. In a fit of drunkenness at a wild party, Jamie invites an eccentric woman—a radical spirit named Crystal Fairy (Gabby Hoffman)—to come along. What is meant to be a devil-may-care journey becomes a battle of wills as Jamie finds himself locking horns with his new traveling companion. But on a remote, pristine beach at the edge of the desert, the magic brew is finally imbibed, and the true adventure begins. Featuring compellingly offbeat performances from Michael Cera and Gabby Hoffmann, Crystal Fairy is a deadpan, drug-fueled road comedy with flashes of piercing insight, skillfully brought to life by acclaimed writer/director Sebastián Silva (The Maid). (Dir. by Sebastián Silva, 2012, Chile, in English, 98 mins., Not Rated, IFC Films) Digital


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