Friday, January 18 - Thursday, January 24 at 10:00pm

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Part of our Late Night Cult Classic series featuring the greatest cult movies of all-time back on the big screen!


“A cheerfully camp, terrifically enjoyable teen parody that ranks among John Waters' best moments. Oh, and world - meet Johnny Depp!” – Jon Fortgang, Film 4


Legendary cult director John Waters put his patented quirky spin on '50s Teen Rebel flicks in Cry-Baby, a subversively campy musical homage to Rebel Without a Cause and Romeo and Juliet. Set in good old Baltimore in 1954 at the birth of rock & roll, this candy-colored comedy stars Johnny Depp (in his first non-TV starring role) as Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker. Poor Cry-Baby is a bad boy juvenile delinquent with a heart of gold and a permanent tear slithering down his cheek, a reminder of his state-executed parents. In the depths of his despair appears goody-goody girl Allison, who has a steamy and forbidden crush on Cry-Baby. But Allison's super square boyfriend, Baldwin, is dead set against Cry-Baby and the rest of his juvenile delinquent pals (affectionately referred to as “Drapes”) and leads a revolt against them, causing a chain reaction of chicken races, lunch hour rumbles, reform school lockdowns and rocking musical numbers. Will true love conquer all for Cry-Baby and Allison? Featuring a truly demented supporting cast including ex-porn star Traci Lords, rocker Iggy Pop, cult film staple Susan Tyrell and notorious ‘70s kidnapped heiress Patricia Hearst, Cry-Baby is a real trip, man. (Dir. by John Waters, 1990, 85 mins., Rated PG-13) Digital



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