Animal Crackers

Sunday, December 8 at Noon

General Admission: $8 • Loft Members: $6


Part of our month-long series Funny Business: The Marx Brothers on the Big Screen! Join us as we celebrate the golden age of comedy team hilarity with a laugh-filled tribute to the best comedic quartet in film history: the Marx Brothers! Every Thursday night and Sunday morning in December. Click here to view the schedule.


“The second Marx Brothers film is a riotous version of their stage hit … very funny and highly enjoyable … filled with classic bits including the famous ‘Hooray for Captain Spaulding’ production number.” – TV Guide’s Movie Reviews


In this uproarious Marx Brothers comedy - often regarded as their most quoted film for its witty and unforgettable dialogue - Groucho stars as Captain Spaulding, a famed African explorer who is being honored at a high society party at the swanky Long Island estate of Mrs. Rittenhouse (Margaret Dumont). Of course, mayhem and chaos ensue after a valuable painting disappears and Spaulding, along with the Professor (Harpo), Signore Emanuel Ravelli (Chico) and Horatio (Zeppo) "help" search for it, giving the crazed comedy quartet just the excuse they need to run amuck. This film version of the Marx’s hit Broadway stage show features Groucho’s immortal theme song, "Hooray for Captain Spaulding," the classic bridge game and dictating-a-letter routines, and delightful support from the legendary Lillian Roth, plus Louis Sorin, Robert Greig and of course, that incomparable Marx foil, Margaret Dumont. (Dir. by Victor Heerman, 1930, USA, 97 mins.,Not Rated) Digital



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