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The provocative new drama from filmmaker Anne Fontaine (Coco before Chanel), starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright!


“Fascinating … provocative … scandalous … provokes the viewer sexually, emotionally and philosophically. If you want to see a movie that treats you like an adult, then this is a film for you.” – Alex Koehne, Twitch Film

“A very rare exploration of the female psyche … an incredibly provocative piece of work, featuring a brave and vulnerable performance by Naomi Watts and a career-high acting master class from Robin Wright.” - Damon Wise, Guardian UK

“A thoughtful, sexy, mature and nonjudgmental examination of potentially tawdry material, Adore benefits from nuanced performances from Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.” – Tim Grierson, Screen International


A gripping tale of love, lust, and the power of friendship, Adore charts the unconventional and passionate affairs embarked upon by two lifelong friends, Lil and Roz, who fall in love with each other’s teenage sons. Afraid of facing the wrath and judgment of their insular Australian seaside community, they continue the relationships in secret over the years. Once the affairs are discovered, the revelation threatens to tear apart their lives and those of the young men, who must eventually choose between following a well-worn path or their true desires. Adapted by Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons) from a novella by Nobel Prize-winning author Doris Lessing, and directed by acclaimed French filmmaker Anne Fontaine (Coco before Chanel), here making her English-language directorial debut, Adore boasts a truly impressive international pedigree. Beautifully acted and meticulously composed, the compelling and thought-provoking film features riveting performances by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, whose fearless engagement with both the physical and psychological components of the story is breathtaking. Under the precise gaze of Fontaine’s camera, and played out against the sun-glazed beauty of Australia’s East Coast, Adore radiates with sweltering sensuality while wading into the dark waters of forbidden love. (Dir. by Anne Fontaine, 2013, Australia/France, in English, 110 mins., Rated R, Exclusive Media) Digital


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