Loft Jr.

Presented by Trail Dust Town, Loft Jr. is a free monthly series showcasing great new and classic family-friendly films from around the world!

  • Steamboat Bill, Jr.

    One showing only! Saturday, Aug 9th 2014

    The hilarious silent comedy classic Steamboat Bill, Jr. follows the wild misadventures of a spoiled young man (Buster Keaton) who is forced by his crusty riverboat captain father to join his boat crew, leading to hysterical hijinks and elaborate slapstick gags culminating in a crazed cyclone sequence that literally brings down the house!

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  • The John Hubley Centennial

    One showing only! Saturday, Sep 13th 2014

    John Hubley helped bring to life some of the most defining animated films of the 20th century including early Disney classics like Bambi and Fantasia, before creating the iconic cartoon character Mister Magoo. On the 100th anniversary of his birth, this new collection of his most beloved short films pays tribute to one of the unsung heroes of American animation.

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